Who we are

Established in 1983, Temco has developed into Western Australia's market leader in the supply of abrasive blast cleaning and spray painting equipment.

We promise to:

  • Provide the best equipment available
  • Back it up with the best after sales service
  • Listen and work with our customers to properly understand their needs and advise how best to achieve the desired results.
  • Continue to seek out the latest in equipment and technology
  • Treat all our customers with respect
  • To operate in an environmentally sensitive manner

Temco Distributors Pty Ltd is part of the BlastOne group of companies.

What we offer



Choosing the right abrasive can have a tremendous impact on your effectiveness, timelines, maintenance, and your bottom line. We are committed to sourcing and supplying abrasives that perform well across all applications, in all conditions.



With years of experience behind us, BlastOne has developed a range of excellent high-production blasting equipment. When correctly set up and operated at its full potential, our equipment can double the productivity of most average blasters.



With over 40 years experience in industry field testing, BlastOne understands the optimal techniques, configurations, and calibrations to guarantee superior efficiency, productivity, and safety. Recognized and respected for outstanding customer service and technical excellence, BlastOne provides tailor-made solutions, cleaner results, higher profitability, and safer working environments.


About the BlastOne group of companies:


Rules and regulations are changing in the industries that abrasive Blasting Contractors are found in, all the time, and contractors often find themselves faced with a challenge of a new project or a new regulation that they have not met before.

BlastOne is here to help contractors with "real world" experiences. We've worked on Projects that don't always pan out the way we've planned. Timelines are affected by many obstacles, Regulations are tighter than anticipated, and even the most experienced blast and paint crew can be challenged to deal with a myriad of changing site conditions!


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our advantages

Knowledgeable and Experienced Employees

We have centuries of experienced employees combined with passion to keep our gears turning and constantly improving our products. Making our customers more efficient and productive is always on our minds.

Globally Established

We are able to service our customers in our ever growing presents around the globe. No matter where your located, we are close enough to help. Look for us in Australia, New Zealand, The USA, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Ready to Chat, Talk or Email

Our customer service, support and sales staff are always ready to not only answer questions on pricing, but also help with questions that will help solve your normal daily blasting and coating issues.