GMA Garnet

GMA Garnet Blasting Abrasive Media For Sale
GMA Garnet

Various grades available from Speedblast to Waterjet.


Temco are distributors for GMA Garnet. GMA Garnet is the most widely used abrasive in Western Australia. It's clean, safe and cuts fast.

  • GMA PremiumBlast (600/200, 30/60) Suitable for removal of heavy coatings and preparation of steel, old and new, for the application of protective coatings
  • GMA SpeedBlast – SpeedBlast Garnet is the general purpose blend, designed for removing medium to light coatings and the occasional milscale removal. If you do a variety of work – SpeedBlast is for you.
  • GMA NewSteel (300/150, 80 mesh) is ideal for applications where new steel is to be prepared for the application of a protective coatings. Profile achieved is typically a maximum of 55 microns. Also suitable for "whipping up" concrete
  • GMA WaterJet is designed for use in Ultra High Pressure water jetting units for precision cutting of thick steel

Other grades available upon request.

20/40 Garnet is a relatively new addition to Temco's product range. Sourced to meet the growing demand for high profiles (95 + microns) required for the application of 100% volume solid polyureas and other low VOC coatings.


GMA Garnet Data Sheet