Nova 3 Blast Helmet

Nova 3 blast helmet sandblasting protection respirators
Nova 3 Blast Helmet

The Nova blast helmets have established themselves as the industry standard for supplied air respirators for sandblasting


The Nova blast helmets have established themselves as the industry standard for supplied air respirators for sandblasting. The Nova helmets have no equal for comfort and safety. Temco are the only authorized distributor in Western Australia for the Australian design approved (ASNZ1716) Nova 2000 and Nova 3 blast helmets. Beware of imported NOVA products that are not built to the Australian Standard.

The Nova 2000 blast helmet is considered the industry standard for superior operator safety and comfort. The 2000 is only surpassed by the new Nova 3 blast helmet. It has taken the Nova 2000 and improved it in areas new plastic technology has allowed. It is now lighter, stronger with adjustable head harness and the lenses are easier to change. It was initially considered that the Nova 3 would replace the Nova 2000 but demand for the 2000 has remained high so there are now 2 models on the Nova lineup.

Helmets can be purchased individually or in a package deal with Radex breathing air filter, 20 mtr breathing airline, spare inner and outer lenses and carry bag.

The Nova 3 blast helmet has the added advantage of a fully integrated blast light add-on. The blast light

  • Uses the latest technology in efficient, high powered LED’s to achieve up to 450 Lumens of light output.
  • In case of the cable becoming snagged, the light features breakaway electrical connections.
  • The light turns with the user’s head, keeping the light in the user’s field of vision.
  • Attractive, sleek styling is low profile and does not protrude unnecessarily beyond the structure of the helmet.
  • Long lasting Li-ion battery, gives the operator up to 8 hours at maximum brightness.
  • Durable, lasting material will withstand even the harshest environments.
  • 5 unique light settings so the user can choose what is suitable for the application.
  • Simple, easy to use controls that sit on your belt.
  • Replaceable outer lens to ensure the lighting is coming through strong and clear


Every RPB Nova 3® purchased before November 30th will ship with a FREE T-Link Respirator.