Pre-Engineered Economy Blast Room

Pre Engineered Economy Blast Rooms Booths Manufacturers
Pre-Engineered Economy Blast Room

Price Range: $40k-100k



  • Max Size 15' wide x 10' high x 25' long
  • Swing doors on one end
  • Dust tight fluorescent lights in the ceiling
  • Shovel-in hopper, bucket elevator and air wash
  • Abrasive storage hopper
  • 6.5 cubic foot blast pot, single outlet
  • PPE for one operator
  • Stand along 5,000cfm cartridge style dust collector
  • Electric control panel
  • Air inlet and air exhaust plenums for dust collection air
  • Optional separate personnel access door in side


  • Steel Fabricators
  • Manufacturing or Refinishing
  • Job Shops